Is Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) a realistic solution for hair loss?

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In Vancouver SMP is gaining in popularity

Hi, I’m Rob James. I am a skilled micropigmentation artist and owner of the Vancouver SMP based clinic, Advanced Scalp. If you’ve wandered onto this post, you’re probably curious about what exactly scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is, and how it works.

Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As one of western Canada’s busiest SMP artists, I receive at least a dozen inquiries a week from individuals wanting to learn more. These questions often follow a few patterns.

First, there are those who have just heard about scalp micropigmentation for the first time and are curious to learn more. Most times, they are not ready to sit down for a consultation just yet, but are itching to explore the possibilities SMP has to offer.

Then are the individuals who have done extensive research on the topic itself and want to hear more from an industry professional before taking the next crucial step.

Whether you are someone with similar types of questions or not, I thought simplifying the process of scalp micropigmentation through a series of blog posts would be a helpful first step towards easing newcomers to the world of SMP. Get ready to become an expert on SMP within the next few weeks!

Tell me more about SMP

“I’m hearing all about the thing called SMP, but I have no idea what it is?”

No problem, let’s start with the basics.

Scalp micropigmentation is a safe, reliable and detailed cosmetic tattoo for your scalp. The goal of SMP is to perfectly mimic the appearance of hair follicles, helping you restore the look of a full head of shaved hair.

SMP uses industry specific technology to ensure quality and detailed results. It is performed using a small, and relatively silent machine. Attached to the machine is a tiny, sterile and disposable needle. To ensure quality results, the needle is dipped into an SMP specific pigment matched to your stubble tone, so as to mimic your surrounding hair follicles. Then, small micro deposits of this pigment are implanted at a superficial depth into the scalp.

SMP assists

When done correctly SMP is seamless and looks realistic

When done correctly, SMP assists in creating a number of realistic aesthetics, these include:

  • The illusion of shaved hair
  • Reducing contrast between longer hair and scalp for those with thinning hair.
  • Scar concealment primarily for those with FUT or FUE transplant scars.
  • Concealing alopecia patches

Other less known applications of SMP

Primarily known for creating the effect of a shaved head for balding men. SMP has some lesser-known applications.

Let’s explore the aspect of scar concealment in scalp micropigmentation a bit further. SMP helps conceal scar tissue that is often present after a FUE or FUT hair transplant. A highly skilled and experienced SMP artist can help to mask strip and plug scarring by blending the scar tissue with the surrounding healthy hair. Concealing scars left from hair transplants using SMP can help you further enhance the overall look you desire.

In addition to hair transplant scar concealment SMP also helps disguise medical conditions such as alopecia.

SMP is also gaining a lot of traction and attention in the female population, as a viable and practical solution for female pattern hair loss and hair loss due to repetitive styling techniques.

scalp micropigmentation

SMP for females is gaining popularity in Vancouver

So we can see how ground breaking scalp micropigmentation is due to its multifaceted uses, none invasive application and relatively low cost.


I like the sound of SMP what is my next step?

Now that we’ve gone into a little more detail, you may have already decided that SMP is right for you. So, let’s talk about your next steps.

As with any trade or service you may be seeking out, the level of experience, skill and competence within the field may vary greatly. That’s why it’s important to seek out an experienced artist who understands your needs.

Before even asking about a consultation, it is a good idea to explore the artist’s body of work to ensure it is what you’re looking for. Does their style match your vision? Does their work look realistic and detailed? Or does their work look too heavy and look more like a tattoo? How much experience do they have?

These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself while looking for an SMP artist.

Next step would be booking an in person consultation with a few artists, so that you can get a feel for their personality, communication skills and discuss their work and experience in more detail. At the same time giving you an opportunity to discuss your SMP style, desires and schedule with the chosen artist.

Still feeling a bit lost? I’ve got your back. As one of Canada’s most experienced and requested SMP artists, I would love to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. I complete hundreds of SMP procedures on a yearly basis with an extensive list of satisfied clients. My SMP artistic style is ultra natural and subtle.

Booking a consultation at my Vancouver SMP clinic means that we can evaluate your needs and devise the perfect treatment plan for you.

Vancouver Scalp micropigmentation

Consultations are always free and highly informative

Are you ready to take the next step?

Vancouver Scalp micropigmentation artist Rob James @ Advanced Scalp

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Scalp Micropigmentation Vancouver, SMP with Rob James

Advanced Scalp Clinic in Vancouver with SMP artist Rob James 

Scalp Micropigmentation, what is it and what can it do for me?

Both men and women are affected by a variety of hair loss issues ranging from alopecia to male/female pattern baldness.

The SMP process uses a tiny disposable needle attached to a mechanical tattoo machine. This needle is dipped into a pigment, which is then deposited at a superficial level into the scalp.

These deposits, if administered correctly perfectly mimic hair follicles, helping the recipient restore the look of a full head of hair.

A skilled and experienced SMP artist can replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles perfectly, which in turn can work wonders on an aray of hair loss issues. Ranging from male and female thinning to transplant scar concealment or as it is more commonly used, creating the illusion of a full head of shaved hair for men.

The SMP treatment process

At my Scalp Micropigmentation clinic in Vancouver my treatments are usually split over two or three sessions, these sessions are between 2-4 hours in length. Session times vary depending on the procedure being carried out.

At Advanced Scalp in Vancouver each of the 2-3 sessions is held a minimum of ten days apart from one another. Followed by a final touch up session two months later.

SMP Aftercare

Unlike a hair transplant SMP has little to no downtime. There are some simple and manageable aftercare instructions are followed in between each session and once all of the sessions are completed.

Your chosen SMP artist should explain the nuances of the procedure during your initial consultation as well as after each session. Including what to expect and what to look out for. Also you should expect some fading to take place in between each session. This is one of the several reasons why one needs multiple sessions.

However on average the desired density is achieved between 2 to 3 sessions.

SMP is a technical, specialized process, which take years and much repetition to perfect. For optimal results your procedure should be performed by an experienced artist, with and eye for detail. Try to find an artist with an extensive portfolio and style, which suits your tastes.

An important side note, make sure all of the SMP sessions are carried out in a sterile, clean environment, which has been certified by health and safety in your province and or city.

Where can I find Scalp Micropigmentation in Vancouver Canada?

Rob James SMP is one of Canada’s most in demand scalp micropigmentation artists known for his ultra realistic hairline creations.

working out of Advanced Scalp clinic in Vancouver.

He is easily reached for consultation at


Scalp Micropigmentation Training In Vancouver

Get ready for an in demand and lucrative career

Careers in SMP

Demand for high quality technicians in the cosmetic arts is one of the fastest growing career sectors. SMP is yet another broader aspect in the booming cosmetic arts field. There are an endless number of males and females suffering from hair loss and hair thinning problems. SMP is already a multi million dollar industry and still in it’s fledgling stage. 

Adequately prepare yourself from the get-go and fast track your career with the right SMP training.

Hands on practical Training is essential

Hands on practical Training is essential

Advanced Scalp Vancouver SMP Training

With Advanced Scalp our unique skill set and superior application leaves little room for competition in the market.

Along with marketing, sales, social media and your referral business, we explore all the necessary tools an SMP artist must master in order to jumpstart their career without a vast investment.

Advanced Scalp offers continued field support to all of our students when needed.

Rob James Advanced Scalp’s head teacher is an in demand SMP artist with an impressive back catalogue. SMP is a highly visual and tactile medium, so an emphasis on hands on and practical training is maintained throughout the course.

Advanced Scalp’s students are equipped with the very latest in skills, technology and methods to help give them the confidence and competitive edge needed.

Scalp Micropigmentation is one of North America and Europe’s fastest growing careers, and also one of the most lucrative.

Advanced Scalp has assisted many students into successful SMP careers

Advanced Scalp has assisted many students into successful SMP careers

Get set to jump-start your new career the right way with Advanced Scalp

The appearance, style and realism of SMP have drastically changed over the last couple of years. People are looking for a higher grade of artistic skill and hair recreation. SMP has gone from the standard mono colour matte look to a high quality, realistic effect indistinguishable from real hair and a level of professionalism to match.

This is where Advanced Scalp students are set to soar 

Not only will you be heading into a relatively untapped, immensely lucrative and in demand industry you’re also playing an integral part in helping others.

High demand for highly skilled artists

Well-trained artists are desperately needed as the industry continues to take flight and gain in popularity.

Scalp Micropigmentation gives you the flexibility of either working for yourself, working for an established clinic or as an add-on service to your existing aesthetics business.

With treatment prices ranging between $800 – $4000 and start up, training costs comparatively low, you can expect a quick return on your investment.

However, as SMP grows in popularity so is the demand for excellence, you’re always only as good as your last procedure, so you need to ask yourself “What will separate me from the pack?” 

About Rob James

Rob James

Rob James is one of Canada’s most in demand SMP artists. Known for his hyper realistic hairlines and subtle graduations and fades. Working out of his Vancouver based Clinic Advanced Scalp, where he holds monthly training courses.

Affable, approachable, Rob James is always ready to help answer prospective SMP artists and welcome them into the profession.



Many times during consultation at Advanced Scalp I will be asked what exactly is the scalp micropigmentation aftercare procedure. And how does it compare to other cosmetic procedures.

Advanced Scalp

Rob James at Advanced Scalp micropigmentation clinic Vancouver.  Every Client will receive thorough instruction prior to and after each SMP session.


As a side note, every client who has their SMP procedure with Advanced Scalp in Vancouver will be given detailed written instructions immediately after their scalp micropigmentation session with Rob James.

However for those who are simply curious or are still in the information gathering stage, here are my aftercare guidelines. 

At advanced Scalp we work in a highly sterilized environment at all times

You’re advised to adhere to the following guidelines: 

  1. Do not touch your scalp with unwashed hands after your SMP procedure as they may have bacteria and cause an infection.
  2. Do not scratch or rub the newly pigmented area, do not pick any micro abrasions (scabs) while it is healing as infection could occur as well as pigment being removed with the healing skin.
  3. Do not use any products that contain alcohol or AHA on the newly pigmented area as it will excessively dry the scalp and fade your pigment.

DAY 1 -3: 

Avoid touching, showering or shaving the treated area.

Avoid any physical activities that may cause excessive sweating.

When showering, do not wash your head or get any water on it.

Avoid swimming, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms and tanning beds.

DAY 4 -10:

Gently wash your scalp with warm water do not aggressively scrub the scalp or exfoliate. After showering gently pat dry.

Apply a natural moisturizer two times daily, to prevent dryness and flaky skin. I recommend using a non-perfumed, alcohol free moisturizer such as virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or a simple all natural moisturizer.

If the hair on top of the scalp grows too long in between SMP sessions or if you need to shave your head, I advise using an electric clipper such as an Andis T outliner. If you still have micro abrasions avoid shaving all together. Do not take a wet razor to the scalp for at least 10 days.

You are now permitted to perform activities which may cause you to sweat lightly, such as light cardio and lifting light weights.

DAY 10:

At this point you may use shampoo. Gently massage the scalp using a natural, mild soap such as an infant shampoo. You may also get back to your usual gym/cardio routine and sweat as much as you’d like. If you’re in the middle of your SMP sessions it is at this point where you will probably be coming back in to continue your SMP sessions.

SMP results

Following the aftercare protocol is an important aspect of maintaining superb SMP results

 15 days after your completed procedure 

All regular activities including swimming, saunas, steam room, tanning booths are now permitted.

I recommend using a quality non-greasy SPF sunscreen for everyday use and scalp protection.

Continue to moisturize daily with a natural, simple moisturizing cream.

Try to avoid direct, intense sun exposure as best as possible.

If you have any further questions regarding the SMP process or aftercare protocol please do not hesitate to contact Rob James, Advanced Scalp clinic, Vancouver.

Why do I get a flaky Scalp after my SMP sessions?

Occasionally I get asked “why is my scalp so flaky after my SMP sessions?” Let’s explore this question.


There are a few reasons why your scalp might become flaky a few days after your SMP session.

SMP and a Dry Scalp

One reason is that during your SMP session your scalp receives thousands of tiny micro abrasions. These tiny micro abrasions, which deposit the pigment into the upper layer of the dermis, are essentially causing superficial damage to the skin. This causes the blood to congregate into that area in order to begin the healing process.

Over the coming days these tiny micro abrasions will dry and possibly flake off adding to the volume of naturally occurring dry skin turnover.

(It’s important to note that not all scalps are the same, everyone will react differently, and we can only go on the average individual.)

All SMP recipients will have a certain amount of redness after each SMP session. However some scalps will go more red and for longer than others. Some people may find that their scalp itches a few days after their SMP session. Most of these things on average are all quite normal, so do not panic, just follow the aftercare and try to keep the scalp as clean as possible.

Whilst some people will naturally have a minimal amount of dry skin, others might have an excessive amount of dry and flaky skin based on their healing and skin chemistry.

Often oily skin if not washed on a regular basis will cause a build up of oil, which in turn dries on the scalp and can appear as dry, flaky skin.

Regardless of your scalp condition I find the following protocols help to reduce dryness and flaky skin in the weeks following your SMP.

Excessively oily scalps can become excessively dry due to not being able to wash the scalp with soap for seven days after the treatment.

Cleanse the scalp 

Immediately after your SMP session it’s imperative that you do not get the scalp wet for at least 3 days. After 3 days you can wet the scalp with warm water but no soap, shampoo or conditioner for another 5-7 days. If an individual is used to washing their scalp on a daily basis with shampoo the sudden change to not washing hair can cause a build up of dry skin, as the skin is not being exfoliated as before. This in turn can turn into dry, flaky skin.

If you’re someone who is suffering from an excessively dry scalp I will recommend using a very simple natural cleanser after four days to help prevent a build up of extra dry skin. However I usually like to make this decision when seeing my client for their second session.

Keep it moisturized

I always encourage my client’s to keep their scalp moist during the healing period. Recommending a natural, light, simple moisturizer or oil. There is a plethora of moisturizers available, however avoid anything with alcohol in it as this will eventually dry out the skin.

I personally tell clients to use a tiny amount of coconut oil or olive oil.

SMP artist

After Care

Following a good aftercare routine will help to ensure a quality end result.

If you have any further questions regarding scalp micropigmentation or have been thinking about getting SMP contact

Rob James is a Vancouver Scalpmicropigmentation artist working

Does SMP look real?

Rob James is a Vancouver Scalp Mircopigmentation Artist operating out of Advanced Scalp Clinic.

Many people ask, will my SMP look real?

Let’s explore that question.

What makes an SMP look real and what makes an SMP look fake?


Start by looking at images online of styles of SMP, which you like.  Ask yourself, would that style of SMP suits me? Get feed back from friends and family. Once you have decided on a style, seek a reputable artist within your town, city, province or state whose work and experience suits your needs.

SMP is a purely visual medium the proof of an artists work is in the final results.

Do you like the straight, sharp lines of an edged up style SMP? Or do you like a soft-feathered hairline? Or perhaps a broken up, diffused hairline. What is your natural, existing pattern? Is it peaked? Straight across? Or slightly receding?

I think asking yourself several questions first is always a good first step.

Such as:

Will this style suit my face?

Will it age appropriately with time?

Will it bring unnecessary attention?

Is it completely different from my original hair?

Personally my SMP style is ultra natural, I like to perfectly blend into your surrounding existing hair, recreating the stubble to what it would look like if you had a full, natural head of shaved hair.

Peaked or rounded I like to diffuse the hairlines to give them that natural soft appearance.

So, once you’ve chosen your appropriate style, the next thing to research is the SMP application.

The way your SMP procedure is carried out is essential to it’s realism.

Style can never compensate for a badly administer scalp micropigmentation. So consult with your chosen artists and choose wisely.

How do you choose wisely? Look through an artist’s body of work, if it resonates with you, if the style and manner of the work suits your vision, that’s a good start.


SMP Artist

Make sure that you’re both on the same page regarding your vision.

You will be with your chosen artist for many hours over many days, so make sure you feel comfortable in their presence and at their respective studio/work space.

Best of luck!

If you’re in British Columbia Canada and are interested in finding out more about Scalp micropigmentation, contact info@robjamessmp or call 778-917-7772 for a free informative consultation.

SMP for hair transplant scars

I get a lot of inquires regarding scar concealment for hair transplant scars.

Whether from FUT (harvest strip scars) or from the more modern technique FUE (circular plug scars) I have had great success with both. SMP if done correctly can be a fantastic option to help improve the visual aspect of scaring.

difficult FUT concealment

A difficult FUT concealment


However, not all scars and not all skin are created equal and there are some important aspects of the process you should be aware of before rushing to an SMP clinic and expecting great results.

Scar tissue comes in many shapes and colours

SMP can fully or partially conceal unsightly scars. However, the varying degrees of success do depend on the following factors: The skill level and experience of the artist, the surrounding hair colour and density and lastly the shape, colour and condition of the scar itself.

Scar tissue behaves differently from regular healthy tissue so it must be approached in a very conservative manner or the results can be less than ideal (or in some cases worse than before.)

For example, and easier FUT concealment might consist of a scar, which is flat, thin and lighter than the surrounding tissue. This scar is also surrounded by dense dark hair. This would be a relatively easy concealment for an experienced artist.

However on the other hand as scar which is cratered or protruding, wide and surrounded by sparse hair can be very tricky indeed. As is a scar which is darker in colour to the surrounding skin.

FUE scars can also be problematic if they are large, plentiful and surrounded by sparse hair.

Before embarking on SMP for your scar concealment it’s imperative to seek out the advice of an experienced SMP artist who has an extensive and successful history working with scar tissue. Ask to see their scar concealment portfolio.

Scar tissue, in some cases does not act like regular healthy tissue

Scar tissue can often be thin and hollow or thick and tough, either way it doe’s not take pigment as well as surrounding healthy tissue. So the SMP artist must approach scar tissue very conservatively and cautiously, adding to the concealment process in increments.

When SMP for scar concealment when applied correctly can be life changing

Before SMP

Before SMP

After SMP

After carefully applied SMP

When applied correctly SMP can work wonders for scar concealment. However, with a boom in SMP practitioners, make sure you do your homework!

Visit a handful of artists in your city and ask the right questions. Take a look at their scar concealment portfolio, and make sure it’s the artist’s actual work. It is advised that you do not look just for the cheapest option as often this means inexperience. And you could end up spending more money with painful laser removal and an SMP re-do. 

Rob James is a busy SMP artists working out of his Vancouver based Scalp micropigmentation clinic, Advanced Scalp.

He is always available to advise and help.


Why does SMP fade?

This is a common question that I frequently receive and an aspect of SMP, which I do thoroughly explain to all my clients prior to their SMP procedure.

When a client asks “Will my SMP fade?” my answer and advice is always as follows:why Smp fade

Will my SMP fade?

Fading takes place at various stages of the process and differs greatly from person to person.

If you’ve had SMP done you might have noticed this for yourself.

So why does this happen?

And is there anything I can do to stop it? 

Fading first becomes apparent in between your multiple sessions.

And hopefully your SMP artist has informed you of this so as to avoid any panic.

The reason for this initial fade is your very own immune system; it recognizes something foreign and tries to take it away. This fading process varies from person to person. Some can see a 5% decrease in impressions in between sessions while others can see up to 20%.

However, as the session’s progress and the density increases the fading becomes less and less apparent. Also in my experience I believe the initial SMP fade from session one is the most aggressive. By session two and three it’s as if the body decreases its attack on the pigment (this is from my own observation).

 In between sessions you will want to adhere to the aftercare protocols in order to mitigate additional fading

Fading takes place at various stages of the process and differs greatly from person to person.

If you’ve had SMP done you might have noticed this for yourself.

So why does this happen?

And is there anything I can do to stop it? 

Fading first becomes apparent in between your multiple sessions.

And hopefully your SMP artist has informed you of this so as to avoid any panic.

The reason for this initial fade is your very own immune system; it recognizes something foreign and tries to take it away. This fading process varies from person to person. Some can see a 5% decrease in impressions in between sessions while others can see up to 20%.

However, as the session’s progress and the density increases the fading becomes less and less apparent. Also in my experience I believe the initial SMP fade from session one is the most aggressive. By session two and three it’s as if the body decreases its attack on the pigment (this is from my own observation).

In between sessions you will want to adhere to the aftercare protocols in order to mitigate additional fading

SMP Care

To maintain a great looking SMP, aftercare is vitally important

And these are some of the reasons why. The skin takes time to heal after an SMP session, the thousands of micro impressions need to seal over and form a tiny scab.  So it’s important to wait at least 3 days before allowing water to get on the scalp so as not to wash away the newly formed micro abrasion.

It’s also important not to apply products to your scalp especially those containing alcohol as this can irritate and unduly dry the scalp. Heavy sweating is not encouraged for at least three days after your SMP session so as not to force the pigment out of the healing impressions.  Do not aggressively rub the scalp with a towel or your hands as this can prematurely knock off the micro abrasion, taking the pigment with it.

And of course no burning the scalp via sun exposure as this causes damage to the skin and eventually causes excessive skin to flake off.

Once all the SMP sessions are completed and the ten-day aftercare period is over you may return to life as normal. 

However your skin will also do what it naturally does, which is shed. This shedding of the skin will eventually cause the SMP to fade.

You certainly can mitigate and slow down the fading by adopting a good skin care routine.

Do not expose the scalp to excessive sun; wear sunscreen or a cap when in direct or extreme sunshine.

Do not aggressively exfoliate the scalp with exfoliating products. Do not use a moisturizer containing alcohol as this has a drying affect on the skin. Do use a moisturizer that is natural and contains healthy skin fortifying, protective ingredients.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep your skin well hydrated.

Rob James is a Vancouver Scalpmicropigmentation expert who works out of Advanced Scalp clinic in Vancouver Canada.

SMP Artist

He is always ready to help answer all SMP related questions.


SMP For Women

Is SMP for women?

Is SMP for women?

As you may know SMP is effective in treating a variety of hair loss issues in men. But what about women? Can they also use the benefits of SMP for their hair loss issues?

Like men, women can also suffer from hair loss issues. Events such as hormonal changes, surgery, stress, medication, hairstyles and procedures can cause thinning hair and hair loss in women. SMP for women is a rapidly growing area of SMP.

Although the techniques remain same, male and female SMP needs will differ when it comes to application.

While the majority of men receive SMP treatments to replicate the shaven hair look, the primary goal of SMP treatment for women is to decrease the stark contrast between bare scalp and thinning hair, thus creating the illusion of more density.

Female SMP is on growing demand

Female SMP is on growing demand

As an important side note it’s also not necessary for women to shave or altar their hair before SMP sessions. Instead, the SMP technician deposits pigment by parting the hair section by section. The result of which provides denser looking follicles, reducing the contrast between the hair and the scalp, and creating the appearance of thicker hair.

Most applications for female SMP will take place over 2 or 3 sessions separated by a minimum of ten days. A touch up session will follow 2 months later.

There are some aftercare instructions to follow in between sessions and after the entire procedure, which we go over thoroughly before, and after your sessions.


Feel free to call 778-917-7772 or email: to book your Free consultation with Advanced Scalp.

Rob James SMP Advanced Scalp

Rob James SMP Advanced Scalp

Rob James is the owner/artist at Advanced Scalp Vancouver Scalp micropigmentation clinic. Vancouver’s premier Scalpmicropigmentation clinic and training facility.


I love my SMP, how long will it last?

How Long Does Scalp Micro pigmentation Last?

Your scalp micropigmentation is an investment, which you want to enjoy at its best for as long as possible. But how long does it last and what can I do to prolong the awesome results I have received? 

My name is Rob James SMP as one of Vancouver’s busiest Scalp micropigmentation artists I perform hundreds of procedures each year. If you’ve just had your SMP done or at thinking about the treatment, this post is aimed at helping you get the most out of your newly acquired SMP. 

A question I frequently receive is; 

“How long does SMP last?” 

On average a properly administered Scalp Micropigmentation should last an individual anywhere between 5-7 years before a refresh is needed.

The longevity of an SMP depends on several factors.

Your own individual skin chemistry can affect the durability. Excessively oily skin can have issues holding pigment especially around the crown area. Skin at the other end of the spectrum, which is excessively dry, can also have issues with pigment endurance.

However your practitioner should recognize these conditions during the two-month touch up and adjustments should be made.

Sscalp micro pigmentation

SMP lasts between 5-7 years under optimal conditions

SMP Aftercare

It’s imperative to follow the aftercare instructions in order to maintain your Scalp micro pigmentation results. As there are elements, which will affect the longevity of your scalp micro pigmentation in the long run.

Excessive UV light exposure is the biggest destructive factor for your SMP. Sunburn, prolonged and intense UV exposure acts as a laser on the pigment, gradually lightening the overall tone.

To avoid premature SMP fading the following aftercare steps must be maintained.

Cover up the scalp when in intense sunshine, avoid burning the scalp at all costs, as this causes excessive skin turn over and skin peeling.

Aftercare instructions are important to follow

It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid the sun at all times. Don’t forget that sunshine is good for your health as it provides the body with immune boosting vitamin D. And if you live in a more temperate climate such as the one here in Vancouver Canada you must make the most of the few months of nice weather. So get out and enjoy yourself, but take the following precautions.

I tell my clients to use a daily SPF factor 30 for everyday use. I suggest a dry mattifying sunblock as this also aids in reducing shine and doesn’t leave that sticky residue.

For times of prolonged sun exposure during the summer, perhaps playing golf, sailing, jogging or exercising. Or when on a beach vacation, I recommend a high SPF factor cream or baseball cap.

When washing your scalp avoid harsh chemical shampoos, instead opt for gentle, simple skin cleaners or soaps. And avoid anything with an abrasive quality, such as an exfoliate. Use a quality moisturizer that does not contain alcohol, such as coconut oil to maintain a healthy skin Ph. value.

Keep the surrounding hair short and trim to maintain the optimal aesthetic appeal of your SMP.

Always keep surrounding hair short for optimal results

 Rob James is one of Canada’s busiest and in demand Scalp micro pigment specialists, working out of his Vancouver Clinic, Advanced Scalp. Always approachable and happy to answer any of your SMP related questions.

Call 778-917-7772 or email to arrange a free consultation.