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SMP for hair transplant scars

I get a lot of inquires regarding scar concealment for hair transplant scars.

Whether from FUT (harvest strip scars) or from the more modern technique FUE (circular plug scars) I have had great success with both. SMP if done correctly can be a fantastic option to help improve the visual aspect of scaring.

difficult FUT concealment

A difficult FUT concealment


However, not all scars and not all skin are created equal and there are some important aspects of the process you should be aware of before rushing to an SMP clinic and expecting great results.

Scar tissue comes in many shapes and colours

SMP can fully or partially conceal unsightly scars. However, the varying degrees of success do depend on the following factors: The skill level and experience of the artist, the surrounding hair colour and density and lastly the shape, colour and condition of the scar itself.

Scar tissue behaves differently from regular healthy tissue so it must be approached in a very conservative manner or the results can be less than ideal (or in some cases worse than before.)

For example, and easier FUT concealment might consist of a scar, which is flat, thin and lighter than the surrounding tissue. This scar is also surrounded by dense dark hair. This would be a relatively easy concealment for an experienced artist.

However on the other hand as scar which is cratered or protruding, wide and surrounded by sparse hair can be very tricky indeed. As is a scar which is darker in colour to the surrounding skin.

FUE scars can also be problematic if they are large, plentiful and surrounded by sparse hair.

Before embarking on SMP for your scar concealment it’s imperative to seek out the advice of an experienced SMP artist who has an extensive and successful history working with scar tissue. Ask to see their scar concealment portfolio.

Scar tissue, in some cases does not act like regular healthy tissue

Scar tissue can often be thin and hollow or thick and tough, either way it doe’s not take pigment as well as surrounding healthy tissue. So the SMP artist must approach scar tissue very conservatively and cautiously, adding to the concealment process in increments.

When SMP for scar concealment when applied correctly can be life changing

Before SMP

Before SMP

After SMP

After carefully applied SMP

When applied correctly SMP can work wonders for scar concealment. However, with a boom in SMP practitioners, make sure you do your homework!

Visit a handful of artists in your city and ask the right questions. Take a look at their scar concealment portfolio, and make sure it’s the artist’s actual work. It is advised that you do not look just for the cheapest option as often this means inexperience. And you could end up spending more money with painful laser removal and an SMP re-do. 

Rob James is a busy SMP artists working out of his Vancouver based Scalp micropigmentation clinic, Advanced Scalp.

He is always available to advise and help.


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