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Scalp Micropigmentation Training In Vancouver

Get ready for an in demand and lucrative career

Careers in SMP

Demand for high quality technicians in the cosmetic arts is one of the fastest growing career sectors. SMP is yet another broader aspect in the booming cosmetic arts field. There are an endless number of males and females suffering from hair loss and hair thinning problems. SMP is already a multi million dollar industry and still in it’s fledgling stage. 

Adequately prepare yourself from the get-go and fast track your career with the right SMP training.

Hands on practical Training is essential

Hands on practical Training is essential

Advanced Scalp Vancouver SMP Training

With Advanced Scalp our unique skill set and superior application leaves little room for competition in the market.

Along with marketing, sales, social media and your referral business, we explore all the necessary tools an SMP artist must master in order to jumpstart their career without a vast investment.

Advanced Scalp offers continued field support to all of our students when needed.

Rob James Advanced Scalp’s head teacher is an in demand SMP artist with an impressive back catalogue. SMP is a highly visual and tactile medium, so an emphasis on hands on and practical training is maintained throughout the course.

Advanced Scalp’s students are equipped with the very latest in skills, technology and methods to help give them the confidence and competitive edge needed.

Scalp Micropigmentation is one of North America and Europe’s fastest growing careers, and also one of the most lucrative.

Advanced Scalp has assisted many students into successful SMP careers

Advanced Scalp has assisted many students into successful SMP careers

Get set to jump-start your new career the right way with Advanced Scalp

The appearance, style and realism of SMP have drastically changed over the last couple of years. People are looking for a higher grade of artistic skill and hair recreation. SMP has gone from the standard mono colour matte look to a high quality, realistic effect indistinguishable from real hair and a level of professionalism to match.

This is where Advanced Scalp students are set to soar 

Not only will you be heading into a relatively untapped, immensely lucrative and in demand industry you’re also playing an integral part in helping others.

High demand for highly skilled artists

Well-trained artists are desperately needed as the industry continues to take flight and gain in popularity.

Scalp Micropigmentation gives you the flexibility of either working for yourself, working for an established clinic or as an add-on service to your existing aesthetics business.

With treatment prices ranging between $800 – $4000 and start up, training costs comparatively low, you can expect a quick return on your investment.

However, as SMP grows in popularity so is the demand for excellence, you’re always only as good as your last procedure, so you need to ask yourself “What will separate me from the pack?” 

About Rob James

Rob James

Rob James is one of Canada’s most in demand SMP artists. Known for his hyper realistic hairlines and subtle graduations and fades. Working out of his Vancouver based Clinic Advanced Scalp, where he holds monthly training courses.

Affable, approachable, Rob James is always ready to help answer prospective SMP artists and welcome them into the profession.


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