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Does SMP look real?

Rob James is a Vancouver Scalp Mircopigmentation Artist operating out of Advanced Scalp Clinic.

Many people ask, will my SMP look real?

Let’s explore that question.

What makes an SMP look real and what makes an SMP look fake?


Start by looking at images online of styles of SMP, which you like.  Ask yourself, would that style of SMP suits me? Get feed back from friends and family. Once you have decided on a style, seek a reputable artist within your town, city, province or state whose work and experience suits your needs.

SMP is a purely visual medium the proof of an artists work is in the final results.

Do you like the straight, sharp lines of an edged up style SMP? Or do you like a soft-feathered hairline? Or perhaps a broken up, diffused hairline. What is your natural, existing pattern? Is it peaked? Straight across? Or slightly receding?

I think asking yourself several questions first is always a good first step.

Such as:

Will this style suit my face?

Will it age appropriately with time?

Will it bring unnecessary attention?

Is it completely different from my original hair?

Personally my SMP style is ultra natural, I like to perfectly blend into your surrounding existing hair, recreating the stubble to what it would look like if you had a full, natural head of shaved hair.

Peaked or rounded I like to diffuse the hairlines to give them that natural soft appearance.

So, once you’ve chosen your appropriate style, the next thing to research is the SMP application.

The way your SMP procedure is carried out is essential to it’s realism.

Style can never compensate for a badly administer scalp micropigmentation. So consult with your chosen artists and choose wisely.

How do you choose wisely? Look through an artist’s body of work, if it resonates with you, if the style and manner of the work suits your vision, that’s a good start.


SMP Artist

Make sure that you’re both on the same page regarding your vision.

You will be with your chosen artist for many hours over many days, so make sure you feel comfortable in their presence and at their respective studio/work space.

Best of luck!

If you’re in British Columbia Canada and are interested in finding out more about Scalp micropigmentation, contact info@robjamessmp or call 778-917-7772 for a free informative consultation.

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