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Vancouver SMP Immersion Training

Scalp Micropigmentation is a unique and rapidly growing facet of the booming permanent makeup industry.

SMP is an affordable, trouble free solution for those facing hair loss issues. And with an endless number of males and females searching for an answer SMP is set to continue growing.

The Advanced Scalp comprehensive 3-day intensive SMP certification course covers every aspect of the Scalp Micropigmentation business.

My goal is to equip all my students with the knowledge and practical skills to confidently and consistently produce incredible results. From client consultation to SMP application, I’ll walk you step by step though my entire failsafe process.

Scalp comprehensive training

Aspects of Advanced Scalp comprehensive training include:

  • Safe & Sanitary Practices
  • SMP station Setting up/break down
  • SMP Machines
  • SMP Pigments
  • Successful consultations
  • Male pattern and Female pattern hair loss
  • FUE/FUT Scars, scalp conditions, alopecia
  • Needle types
  • SMP techniques and uses
  • Impression depth, needle control exercises
  • Hairlines: diffused, straight, broken
  • Blending, fading, Scalp mapping
  • Topical numbing, aftercare procedure
  • The Business of SMP, social media, promotion

“SMP has turned a corner in the last two years. The appearance, style and realism of SMP have drastically changed. People are now looking for a higher level of artistic skill, and a level of professionalism to match. My training heavily emphasizes a hands on and practical approach with special attention to subtle, natural details”. 

My advise to anyone looking to get into this industry is always:

  • Find a trainer who is in high demand for their own SMP skills
  • Find a trainer who offers continued post course support
  • Find a trainers who’s work you would like to replicate

Train once, train Right!

As one of the most experienced and requested SMP artists in Canada I know the nuances, good habits and subtle techniques that will separate you from the pack and make you an outstanding artist.


Work full time/work part time, the choice is yours

Scalp Micropigmentation gives you the flexibility of either working for yourself, working for an established clinic or as an add-on service to your existing business.

And with treatment plans ranging from $800 – $4000 training and start up cost being comparatively low, you can expect a quick return on your investment.

Rob James works out of his busy

Rob James works out of his busy

Vancouver SMP studio Advanced Scalp.

For more information contact: or


“With 1 in every 5 people experiencing some form of hair loss there’s little wonder why Scalp Micropigmentation is taking off in a BIG way!”

SMP is still in its fledgling stage and Demand is high for skilled technicians. So whether you’re looking to add another valuable string to your already impressive skillset or looking to start your own stand-alone SMP business now is the time.

Get trained and get trained right!


The Advanced Scalp SMP training program

At Advanced Scalp Vancouver we explore every aspect of the SMP business, through a combination of classroom theory and practical hands on experience with live models. Students are exposed to an interactive and immersive journey into the world of scalp micropigmentation. Reinforced with valuable continued support as you venture into the workplace and take on your own clients.

Scalp micropigmentation

SMP Immersion Training in Vancouver

Our 3-day intensive training specializes in the successful application of Scalp micropigmentation and it’s myriad of uses for hair loss.

Understanding the foundations of the Scalp Micropigmentation business and the fundamentals of hair loss and scar repair. You will learn how to perform hair replication, transplant scar camouflage and hair density to the highest degree.

SMP business

From Consultation to application

A major part of the SMP business is client consultation and customer acquisition.

From initial contact to the client consultation I will walk you through the numerous scenarios, questions and queries one faces on a daily basis as an SMP provider.

Training with Advanced Scalp is a hands-on immersive experience with a small highly focused student to teacher ratio. I take great pride in ensuring all my students are educated to the highest possible industry standards. 

Advanced Scalp’s approach to training is designed with one word in mind “practicality”. I know what it takes to become a well-rounded SMP artist and how to operate a successful, organized, clean practice. With that in mind I’ve broken down the entire course into relevant, formulated modules both practical and theory. From consultation to application I’ve identified key areas in training, which are vital for successful SMP results and career longevity.

Advanced Scalp’s

However there’s more to running a successful SMP business than just being a talented technician.

Drawing from my own hands on experience of running a busy customer driven SMP clinic I bring a valuable entrepreneurial perspective to the course. Which encourages and guides students to explore the business aspect of SMP whilst tying together all the necessary practical components.

Rob James

About Rob James SMP

Born in the UK Rob James is one of Canada’s most in demand SMP artists, known for his ultra realistic style. Rob James SMP works out of Advanced Scalp Vancouver.

Always happy to consult and advise wherever he can.

Contact Rob @

For examples of his latest work Instagram @robjamessmp