Many times during consultation at Advanced Scalp I will be asked what exactly is the scalp micropigmentation aftercare procedure. And how does it compare to other cosmetic procedures.

Advanced Scalp

Rob James at Advanced Scalp micropigmentation clinic Vancouver.  Every Client will receive thorough instruction prior to and after each SMP session.


As a side note, every client who has their SMP procedure with Advanced Scalp in Vancouver will be given detailed written instructions immediately after their scalp micropigmentation session with Rob James.

However for those who are simply curious or are still in the information gathering stage, here are my aftercare guidelines. 

At advanced Scalp we work in a highly sterilized environment at all times

You’re advised to adhere to the following guidelines: 

  1. Do not touch your scalp with unwashed hands after your SMP procedure as they may have bacteria and cause an infection.
  2. Do not scratch or rub the newly pigmented area, do not pick any micro abrasions (scabs) while it is healing as infection could occur as well as pigment being removed with the healing skin.
  3. Do not use any products that contain alcohol or AHA on the newly pigmented area as it will excessively dry the scalp and fade your pigment.

DAY 1 -3: 

Avoid touching, showering or shaving the treated area.

Avoid any physical activities that may cause excessive sweating.

When showering, do not wash your head or get any water on it.

Avoid swimming, swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms and tanning beds.

DAY 4 -10:

Gently wash your scalp with warm water do not aggressively scrub the scalp or exfoliate. After showering gently pat dry.

Apply a natural moisturizer two times daily, to prevent dryness and flaky skin. I recommend using a non-perfumed, alcohol free moisturizer such as virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or a simple all natural moisturizer.

If the hair on top of the scalp grows too long in between SMP sessions or if you need to shave your head, I advise using an electric clipper such as an Andis T outliner. If you still have micro abrasions avoid shaving all together. Do not take a wet razor to the scalp for at least 10 days.

You are now permitted to perform activities which may cause you to sweat lightly, such as light cardio and lifting light weights.

DAY 10:

At this point you may use shampoo. Gently massage the scalp using a natural, mild soap such as an infant shampoo. You may also get back to your usual gym/cardio routine and sweat as much as you’d like. If you’re in the middle of your SMP sessions it is at this point where you will probably be coming back in to continue your SMP sessions.

SMP results

Following the aftercare protocol is an important aspect of maintaining superb SMP results

 15 days after your completed procedure 

All regular activities including swimming, saunas, steam room, tanning booths are now permitted.

I recommend using a quality non-greasy SPF sunscreen for everyday use and scalp protection.

Continue to moisturize daily with a natural, simple moisturizing cream.

Try to avoid direct, intense sun exposure as best as possible.

If you have any further questions regarding the SMP process or aftercare protocol please do not hesitate to contact Rob James, Advanced Scalp clinic, Vancouver.

Why do I get a flaky Scalp after my SMP sessions?

Occasionally I get asked “why is my scalp so flaky after my SMP sessions?” Let’s explore this question.


There are a few reasons why your scalp might become flaky a few days after your SMP session.

SMP and a Dry Scalp

One reason is that during your SMP session your scalp receives thousands of tiny micro abrasions. These tiny micro abrasions, which deposit the pigment into the upper layer of the dermis, are essentially causing superficial damage to the skin. This causes the blood to congregate into that area in order to begin the healing process.

Over the coming days these tiny micro abrasions will dry and possibly flake off adding to the volume of naturally occurring dry skin turnover.

(It’s important to note that not all scalps are the same, everyone will react differently, and we can only go on the average individual.)

All SMP recipients will have a certain amount of redness after each SMP session. However some scalps will go more red and for longer than others. Some people may find that their scalp itches a few days after their SMP session. Most of these things on average are all quite normal, so do not panic, just follow the aftercare and try to keep the scalp as clean as possible.

Whilst some people will naturally have a minimal amount of dry skin, others might have an excessive amount of dry and flaky skin based on their healing and skin chemistry.

Often oily skin if not washed on a regular basis will cause a build up of oil, which in turn dries on the scalp and can appear as dry, flaky skin.

Regardless of your scalp condition I find the following protocols help to reduce dryness and flaky skin in the weeks following your SMP.

Excessively oily scalps can become excessively dry due to not being able to wash the scalp with soap for seven days after the treatment.

Cleanse the scalp 

Immediately after your SMP session it’s imperative that you do not get the scalp wet for at least 3 days. After 3 days you can wet the scalp with warm water but no soap, shampoo or conditioner for another 5-7 days. If an individual is used to washing their scalp on a daily basis with shampoo the sudden change to not washing hair can cause a build up of dry skin, as the skin is not being exfoliated as before. This in turn can turn into dry, flaky skin.

If you’re someone who is suffering from an excessively dry scalp I will recommend using a very simple natural cleanser after four days to help prevent a build up of extra dry skin. However I usually like to make this decision when seeing my client for their second session.

Keep it moisturized

I always encourage my client’s to keep their scalp moist during the healing period. Recommending a natural, light, simple moisturizer or oil. There is a plethora of moisturizers available, however avoid anything with alcohol in it as this will eventually dry out the skin.

I personally tell clients to use a tiny amount of coconut oil or olive oil.

SMP artist

After Care

Following a good aftercare routine will help to ensure a quality end result.

If you have any further questions regarding scalp micropigmentation or have been thinking about getting SMP contact

Rob James is a Vancouver Scalpmicropigmentation artist working