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April 2020

Hair loss Vancouver options

Vancouver Hair Replacement

Hair loss Vancouver options  As a busy and in demand Scalp Micro Pigmentation artist living and working in Vancouver BC, I consult with many men on a weekly basis who are looking for solutions regarding their hair loss. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to go over the myriad of treatments available. Highlighting the…

Does Scalp Micro pigmentation (SMP) Look Real?

As one of Canada’s busiest SMP artists, I receive a lot of Emails on a weekly basis from people curious about SMP. My blog serves to help people interested in scalp micro pigmentation make informed decisions regarding SMP.   A question I frequently receive is:    “Does scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) look real?” Does SMP…

Does SMP damage hair follicles?

As one of the busiest and most experienced SMP artists in Canada, I receive many emails and DM’s from people who are considering Scalp MicroPigmentation. The aim of my blog is to answer as many of the questions that I received in order to help you make an informed decision.   A common question I…

How long does SMP last?

Hi I’m Rob James from Advanced Scalp clinic in Vancouver. As one of Canada’s busiest SMP artists I receive a lot of questions via email on a weekly basis regarding SMP. So through my blog I try to answer as many of the most commonly asked questions in order to educate and inform those who…

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